• Common Electrical Problems

    There are four very common electrical problems: intermittent power, power surges, redundant wiring, and overloaded circuits. All these issues can cause electrical fires and need to be addressed and corrected as soon as possible. At Current Master we specialize in finding the root cause of your electrical problem and eliminating them so you can feel safe in your home or business.

    1. Intermittent power in a main or branch circuit occurs from poor wiring connections.  At Current Master we will investigate and determine the root cause using our Thermo Imaging scanner to find any hot spots since heat is created from poor connections. Once identified Current Master will also look for any sign of wear, fray, loose or exposed wiring, take it apart and make the safe necessary repairs as per the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements

    2. Overloaded circuits occur when power outlets are added to a circuit without measurement of the existing load on that circuit. This shortcut method creates problems where many appliances are plugged in and drawing power at the same time. This will result in the demand exceeding the capacity resulting in fuses blowing or your breaker tripping. When you call Current Master we will determine the power load on your circuit the appliance causing the overload issue.  We will then inform you on what the possible remedies to resolve the issue such as rewiring, rearranging or adding circuits to correct the problem.

    3. Power surges are caused by sudden increases in the power provided by your local hydro supplier. This increase can overload the circuit and cause the electrical item to turn off. The best way to reduce the impact of this type of electrical problem is to purchase a surge protected battery backup power bar. Plug your electronic equipment into the power bar. These devices have a battery power supply to keep you working as well as a built in circuit to ensure that any surges that occur do not harm your expensive electronic equipment. Ask us what we recommend to keep the current flow in your home or business.

    4. Redundant wiring is a very common electrical problem that occurs in older homes and businesses where the previous owner did some rewiring, and left old circuits were not needed exposed. Trust in Current Master to take the time to trace identify problems with your electrical wiring and repair the deficiencies to ensure there are no fire hazards in your home or business.