• Service Upgrades and Electrical Renovations

    CurrentMaster specializes in residential services for all homes. An older electrical system may not provide the capacity required for modern living. Increasing your electrical capacity can be easily accomplished by installing a larger incoming 100 or 200amp service with a larger circuit capacity. New and existing circuits can then be fed through the new panel.

    CurrentMaster can assist with any type of residential renovation whether you are building an extension to your home, renovating your basement, kitchen or bathroom, or installing pot lights in your home. Services that we offer include:

    • Thermal Imaging of your entire dwelling
    • 100A, 200A service panel upgrades
    • Knob and tube replacement
    • Replacing fused panel  to breaker panels
    • Installation of stoves, microwaves, washer/dryer receptacles
    • Installation of ceiling fans, pot lights, wall sconces
    • Aluminum wiring replacement
    • Electrical repairs or upgrades to comply with current code requirements
    • Interconnected smoke detector systems
    • AFCI/GFCI circuiting and receptacles
    • Wiring for hot tubs, pools
    • Security cameras
    • Landscape lighting
    • And much more…        

    Here is a example where thermal imaging was used to detect a water leak that was pooling into the light fixture:


    Thermal imaging uncovers issues not visible to the naked eye